January 30, 2012

It takes a village to create a great campaign.

Today’s rapidly shifting marketing and media landscape means that client and agency professionals must be more integrated than ever before. We can no longer think of ourselves as marketing managers, account managers, media planners, art directors, copywriters or research managers.
July 22, 2010

Lottery Sales Stagnant? Tap into the Youth

Most U.S. state lotteries enjoyed near-monopoly gaming status during their early years, with legitimate gaming competition coming only from resort casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. However, times have changed and now the convenience of online gaming and the glitz and glam offered by the latest crop of gaming venues have led avid lottery ticket buyers astray.
March 25, 2010

The Revenue Solution for Small Retailers

What these businesses, such as retailers for instance, also need are solutions that will increase their revenue immediately, not just put more cash in their pocket that they will ultimately have to repay in the future.
September 18, 2009

Is Bad Publicity Really Good Publicity?

There’s a saying that even bad publicity is good publicity, but unless you’re Paris Hilton that is far from the case. Some companies may not see […]
September 8, 2009

State Lotteries and Mobile Marketing

Although mobile marketing is growing at significant rates in the U.S., there has not yet been a high adoption rate by state lotteries. With lottery revenues […]
September 3, 2009

Keeping Employees Motivated with Incentives

In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of employee appreciation and making sure office morale is high so your loyal soldiers don’t jump ship. During a recession, that task is much more difficult with salary cuts, layoffs and other ramifications seen throughout businesses across the country.