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August 10, 2023
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Google, Plus Five . . .

Google celebrated its 25th birthday last week with another one of their great doodles. Five years before Google was born, Domus, a client-centric agency in an ever-changing world, was born. In 1993, at the time that the California Milk Processor Board first asked “Got Milk?”, we asked clients, “Got Results?” When we received a resounding “NO” for an answer, we built an agency that was, and still is, Built for the Client. Known as a “better mousetrap” without the overhead trappings of conglomerate agencies, Domus’ sole focus is partnering to meet clients’ business objectives. Over the last 30 years, Domus has continuously thrived in an industry that has undergone profound transformations. The secret to our success is simple: It is helping clients we serve, such as Epson, Ralph Lauren, Citibank, P&G, Chevron, Conagra, Mattel, and others we can’t mention, succeed. During the traditional advertising years to the digital revolution, and now with the Anything Interesting (aka AI) era upon us, we built a customized team with specialists for each client’s individual needs – all strategy, execution, measurement, and optimization. No waste.

1993 was also a year of quirky and memorable pop culture moments, such as the birth of Beanie Babies, the release of Earring Magic Ken, the best-selling Ken doll model ever (did you see the movie? 😊), and the bargain $850,000 Super Bowl spot. Flash-forward to 2023; the Super Bowl price tag is at $7,000,000 (a 724% increase) and the Domus concept is alive and well, having added BAYADA, BioMarin, and Victaulic to our roster this year.

Domus has thrived by embracing change and staying ahead of industry trends on our clients’ behalf. As we reflect on 1993, the transformative year when women were finally allowed to wear pants on the floor of Congress, it’s worth noting that Domus, a woman-founded, woman-owned agency, is still consistently delivering what clients need, 30 years later. Just Google us. Domus.

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