August 22, 2012

Innovation for All

With the success of Apple based on its category-creating innovations like the iPod, iPhone and iPad, companies are focusing more heavily on developing their own innovations. […]
February 6, 2012

Company Website vs. Social Media – Which holds more value?

Just a few short years ago, the effectiveness of a company’s web presence was dictated solely by the strength and prevalence of its website. But as companies across the globe have begun embracing social media, an interesting phenomenon has occurred over the past year. In some cases, company Facebook fan pages have received more unique visitors than the company’s corporate website counterpart.
January 30, 2012

It takes a village to create a great campaign.

Today’s rapidly shifting marketing and media landscape means that client and agency professionals must be more integrated than ever before. We can no longer think of ourselves as marketing managers, account managers, media planners, art directors, copywriters or research managers.
April 9, 2010

Nike’s Tiger Woods Ad

...but in today's social media world, you and the competition aren't the only players in the communications game. The rest of the world - customers and non-customers alike - are also players. So, it is just as important to consider what these other "players" will do.
November 20, 2009

Next Round: Cotto (AT&T) vs. Pacquio (Verizon)

There's no comparison between the two sets of ads. Verizon's "There's a Map for That" ads are so simple, so biting, and so memorable - truly classic. But AT&T's ad (above) just doesn't have any punch. Great marketing works; poor marketing doesn't.