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Getting Social Media Love (and Likes) for the C-Suite

Attracting potential customers. Advertising company for the involvement of visitors to the site, store, exhibition. Increase sales and profits. Marketing communications aimed at the target audience.

What do Jane Fraser, Carol Tomé, and Ed Bastian have in common? Besides being CEOs of Fortune 100 companies (Citi, UPS, and Delta, respectively), they have an active and authentic presence on social media. Other executives would be wise to follow suit.

Social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, provide a great opportunity to establish thought leadership, build relationships, and gain feedback. Current and future employees also appreciate top executives who regularly post on social. A 2022 report by Brunswick shows that an overwhelming number of employees (4 to 1) would prefer to work for a CEO who is active on social media compared to one who is not. This same report also reveals that 82% of employees believe it’s important for leaders to communicate their vision and values through social platforms.

Social CEOs can also reap bottom-line benefits, with 32% of consumers saying that a CEO’s transparency on social would inspire them to purchase more from that business. And 53% of consumers are likely to consider brands that are transparent on social media for their next purchase.

If you’re ready to help the executives at your organization get active on social media, here are some best practices to consider:

  • Work with your CEO to define his or her social media strategy and identify the team who will implement that plan. Don’t have time or resources? Consider working with an agency that has experience successfully managing social media accounts and campaigns.
  • Develop a process to make sure all content is authentic, genuine, and in line with the leader’s voice and beliefs. Agree upon approval timelines in advance to help keep posts relevant to trending topics.
  • Review what your executive’s peers and existing customers are posting and like and share as it makes sense. This creates greater visibility for your leaders and helps strengthen relationships.

Social media presents an important opportunity for executives to show their personalities, demonstrate transparency, and build trust among current and potential customers. It’s a valuable way to learn from the market and continue to grow their business.

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