August 22, 2012

Innovation for All

With the success of Apple based on its category-creating innovations like the iPod, iPhone and iPad, companies are focusing more heavily on developing their own innovations. […]
February 27, 2012

A Real Game-Changer

Some of the major stories throughout the past year – whether about politics, business, sports, entertainment or otherwise – share a similar theme: all have been impacted significantly by the power of social media.
February 13, 2012

Pinterest 101: What it is, How to use it, and Why you should get ‘pinning!’

What is Pinterest you ask? Just another social media craze? Craze – yes. Just another – not exactly. For anyone unfamiliar with Pinterest and how it works, it’s basically a virtual list of a user’s favorite things.
July 28, 2010

Chevrolet Volt Brand Positioning

GM is hoping its Chevy Volt will become a huge success. It is the only car that competes in its category - for people who want an electric car but are concerned about the battery dying on a long trip. But GM has priced the Volt outside of Chevrolet's range. The Volt would have been better positioned had it been introduced under the Buick or Cadillac brand. Compare the Volt to the upcoming Nissan Leaf.
April 27, 2010

Volkswagen = Fun

Volkswagen deserves kudos for creating an integrated campaign that spans traditional and new media in ways that support and enhance each other, while effectively working towards a classic marketing goal.
April 8, 2010

Rebranding vs. Improving Branding

Interestingly, in both situations a company who has faltered in delivering upon the promise of its stated brand position decides to fix the problem by rebranding itself to a new position instead of improving upon its original promise. And just as interestingly, in both situations, the faltering company is being aggresively challenged in the marketplace by a company who dedicates more resources and commitment to delivering its brand promise better and better - and correspondingly communicating its success.