July 18, 2013

Top Tips for Your First Agency Job

Congratulations, new hire! You’re fresh out of college and just landed your first job in an advertising agency. You’re ready to get started and grow your […]
September 11, 2012

Smooth Sailing Ahead: The Importance of an Effective Onboarding Process

Congratulations! You’ve won a new account! Now comes the hard part – ensuring a successful onboarding process so that you make a good first impression and […]
July 30, 2012

Stay on Message!

In this election year, we’ll be hearing a lot about the need for candidates to “stay on message.”  That’s good advice for all communications professionals and […]
June 4, 2012

10 Tips for Posting Blog Comments

Most people are aware of best practices for writing a company blog posting. But what about posting a comment to a blog? Are there best practices? […]
April 23, 2012

Minutes – Not Hours – Can Make a Difference

In the good old days (and I’m really dating myself here), a full-color one-page print ad required a minimum of two weeks just for production – from typesetting to trimming with an X-acto™ knife to mounting and pasting onto a board to 4/c film separation with real film! This took much, much longer for a multi-page brochure. And God help us if we needed to make a change.
March 5, 2012

Employee Engagement Drives Business Performance

There has been an increase in the amount of attention given to employee engagement in a response to the continued uncertainty during these difficult economic times. Executive leaders and human resources (HR) practitioners are recognizing the importance of an engaged workforce and its potential to drive business results. Engaged employees are highly motivated and vested in the success of their organizations.