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Rethinking How to Connect with Employees Wherever They Are

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If traditional internal communications consists of emails, emails and more emails, staff-meeting messages from your boss, internal intranet site, office signage and breakroom flyers, consider the possibility if you are able to effectively reach and connect with your employees wherever they are…working remotely, traveling for a sales meeting, or working during “off hours.”

And, even if your company does not require travel or have remote employees, your employees are still a “mobile” workforce. So why not reach them where they are?

Consider these less traditional communications channels to connect with your employees as an augmentation to your traditional means:

  • Podcasts – perhaps you have a large sales force that is regularly traveling. Publish important company news or training/learning & development materials in the form of a podcast for your sales force to easily listen in while traveling – maximizing productivity and efficiencies while decreasing wasted “down-time”.
  • Social Media platforms (think Yammer by Microsoft or Workplace by Facebook) – sure, this is not a new or untraditional communications platform – but for many companies, investing in a social media platform can seem a daunting task to implement and manage or it may even seem risky. At Domus – we know the ropes for how to get one started, how to keep employees engaged and the content flowing, just ask us.
  • Webcasts – There’s no question that one of the most effective forms of communications are direct from your boss, face to face. But when that interaction is becoming increasingly reduced, Webcasts are a great way to maintain the regularly communications while still having the facial interaction.
  • Gamification – Millions of people are motivated to play games on their mobile devices through various apps. Why not create a custom app for your employees to interact with your company’s strategy and messaging. Humans are naturally competitive beings so the gaming platform feeds that viral component and allows employees to interact with messaging in a way that very few other channels can. \
  • Text messages – Especially if your company issues mobile devices, this is a no-brainer channel to reach your employees with quick important messages or reminders.
  • Pay Stubs – This is an old idea, and so traditional in fact, that now it’s unconventional again. Most companies have made the shift or are making the shift to electronic salary portals. This is a great outlet to infuse additional messaging. And if you haven’t gone paperless, you could always include corporate messaging on the envelopes – the “old-fashioned” way.
  • TV Monitors/Digital Signage – While your company likely has some form of cafeteria or breakroom, consider a one-time upfront investment for digital sign display (aka, a TV) to feature rotating messages. This will reduce the printing and posting up of flyers, not to mention eliminate the messy “corkboard” in your breakroom.

This only scratches the surface.  We can put a customized employee engagement plan together to facilitate a meaningful connection with your employees.


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