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May 3, 2016
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Reach New Heights with Improved Employee Engagement Measurement

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The business benefits of measuring employee engagement for understanding, improvement and business performance are clear. Knowing this, how can managers enhance the way employee engagement is measured?

Supplement the Survey

To gain deeper insights, managers should consider supplementing traditional surveys by studying employee behavior in areas that drive engagement.

For example, knowing the quality and amount of time managers spend with employees and the strength of relationships employees have with each other, as well as ensuring employees have enough time to complete their work is noted in “A Primer on Measuring Employee Engagement.”

In-depth interviews should also be considered, since the conversational format provides a deeper understanding of employee emotions and detailed insights on research topics.

Measurement Meets Technology

Easy-to-use mobile apps now make it possible to have instant access to employee engagement measurement data. According to HR Magazine, managers should view these tools in three categories to gain employee engagement insights:

  • Emotion-Monitoring Devices – measure the mood of the workforce and allow employers to swiftly address issues or make improvements in daily work
  • Social Recognition Platforms – amplify the achievements of employees, leading to better recognition, talent identification and idea sharing
  • New Generation Employee Surveys – instant tailored surveys for enhanced listening to make improvements in business processes, productivity and retention

The Key Measurement Insight: Action

A key insight for improving employee engagement measurement is taking action on the data.

In a Gallup study, a popular hotel chain found that its most engaged and top-performing hotels had a clear leadership and vision statement that employees understood and acted on while excelling in culture, communication and performance management.

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The chain applied these best-practice findings to the business and, using metrics such as revenue per available room (RevPar), turnover and call center performance, the company received a net benefit of approximately $100 million in revenue.

Interested in creating a measurement strategy that builds engagement? Domus can help.

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