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How Branding Will Get a President Elected

Domus, Inc.

Domus, Inc.With the 2016 unprecedented election cycle, there are three ways that the remaining candidates could benefit from adhering to strategic branding principles:

  1. Know your competition as well as you know yourself

A classic strategic positioning process includes extensive research on each competitor, resulting in a brand profile that is dynamic and evolves as the competition changes. Stellar branders invest in knowing and understanding their competition to the point where scenario development is standard operating procedure to anticipate and out-maneuver the competitors.

Competitive intelligence – it’s right from the consumer packaged goods playbook.

  1. Position yourself and stay on strategy

Candidates, like brands, need to strategically position themselves based on multiple factors: 1) what do they stand for?; 2) what is the market (voter) looking for? and 3) what is their competition saying? Once positioned, like a brand, a candidate needs to remain true to the hallmarks of his or her brand. I think this is particularly challenging when candidates are under fire. A mix of stress and ego can veer them off the message track.

A good brand evaluates the characteristic heritage and prepares for what impressions competitors could create in the marketplace.

In this instantaneous 24/7/365 digital world, perception is reality.

  1. Optimize, optimize, optimize. And when you’re done optimizing, optimize again!

Measurement, both qualitative and quantitative, is paramount to winning. Without measurement, a brand (candidate) cannot properly position itself, nor can it adjust to market conditions in order to optimize its message to its target audience while remaining true to its brand. Most campaigns rely on the national and cable news outlets for polling data.

In the world of branding, information is power. The long-term, short-term and instantaneous adjustments a candidate makes to his/her communications based on superior information will be the difference between “Hail to the Chief” and “Welcome, Home, Honey.”

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