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March 24, 2016
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Domus Client Needs Poll™: Employee Engagement Becoming Forefront of Client Needs

As we have learned over the last few years, the needs in our industry are ever changing. With each new change or update our client initiates, we advise them to look within. Change in their company will not be successful if their employees are not on board.

Companies understand how important employee engagement is – 90% know how valuable engaging employees is, but only 25% actually do. For any of those unaware, a traditional employee engagement plan will push employees to strive to go the extra mile for work, speak positive of their employer and plan to stay at the company. With the United States averaging a turnover rate of 3.47% per month in 2015 – companies need to invest within to ensure their employees are engaged and understand the company’s success can only come from them.

Inforgraphic for Poll Question 3From our experience and the research conducted, we have concluded employee engagement is an unmet need marketers are facing. During our 2nd Edition Domus Client Needs Poll™, we found only 14% of respondents did not believe employees at their company understood how the mission of their company impacts the bottom line. Last week, when we posed the question to our website visitors and Twitter followers, we found that number has increased to 62.5%! That means more than HALF of marketers believe that their employees are not in tune with the mission of the company or they do not see the outward effects.


At Domus, this solidifies our belief that every company should be engaging employees to ensure a better company and a higher profit. And at Domus, we have built the right tools for our clients to do just that. If you are in need of an employee engagement program or would like to learn more, contact Domus, Inc. today.

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