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October 19, 2016
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Recognition with Purpose Drives Engagement

Successful businesspeople celebrating with the cup in hands.

Myth 1: All employee recognition increases performance, productivity and engagement.

Myth 2: There is one correct way to recognize and reward employees.

Everyone knows it – recognizing and incentivizing employees are vital parts of every company. Aon Hewitt confirms, “Career opportunities, recognition, and organization reputation are consistently top engagement drivers.” However, not all recognition is beneficial. Purposeful recognition is key. Purposeful recognition increases performance, builds strong organizational culture and fosters engagement. Consider Myth 1 busted.

Employee recognition and rewards are not one size fits all, and as the modern workplace is evolving, the ways in which leaders and managers recognize and incentivize employees must evolve as well. Technology, social media, workplace flexibility – these factors and a new breed of younger employees (Millennials) – are and have been merging into and morphing the traditional workplace. That means what was once tried and true is now tired and eew. Consider Myth 2 busted.

Successful businesspeople celebrating with the cup in hands.

For example, the new approach to employee engagement tells us that giving awards for milestone anniversaries is the wrong technique. Alternately, consider discretionary awards given out more frequently. Only 1 in 3 employees strongly agrees that he or she has received recognition or praise for doing good work in the past seven days (Gallup). Ongoing, regular feedback with relevant rewards and recognition is what’s important.

Even better, ensure those rewards and recognition reflect a purpose, one that is tied to your organization’s goals, values and strategy. This emphasizes valued behaviors that employees should repeat and connects those behaviors to an organization’s goals. Over time, you’ll find your employees more engaged in your company’s mission.

So forgo length-of-service rewards and program points allowing employees to choose between a desk globe or a company-branded cooler. Instead, timely, sincere and specific rewards will build a work culture bursting with purposeful and achievable recognition.

Navigating the world of employee recognition and rewards is daunting and, if done right, drives greater engagement. Domus knows where to start. Contact us to help you make your recognition program more rewarding for you.

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