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QuickChek Turns to PlaceIQ’s Location Data to Inform Media, Attribution, and Retail Expansion Strategy

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Successful Campaigns Drive Nearly 83 Percent Visitation Lift, Provide Sophisticated Audience Insights to Fuel Ongoing Media and Business Decisions for Retail Leader

PlaceIQ, the company building a new model of consumer behavior by connecting physical and digital activities across time, space, and mobile devices, today announced a collaboration with QuickChek, a market leader in food services with more than 140 retail locations, for a series of successful location data-powered campaigns. These campaigns sought to drive visitation to QuickChek locations among brand loyalists, gain marketshare from competitors, attract brand new customer categories and accurately measure campaign success for promoting in-store visitation.

Key among the results of the campaigns, run by AboveNation Media in cooperation with strategy lead Domus Inc., was a nearly 83 percent visitation lift over a control group, as measured by PlaceIQ’s Place Visit Rate (PVR®) metric, a first-of-its-kind standard in foot traffic attribution.

PlaceIQ also powered the audience insights behind these campaigns, revealing audience affinities for competitive retailers, quick service restaurants (QSRs), and TV shows and more. These insights have played an integral part in informing QuickChek’s future media and creative strategy, as well as acting as a core component of its overall retail expansion strategy.

“QuickChek has driven tangible success by surrounding itself with partners committed to marketing innovation,” said Duncan McCall, CEO and co-founder at PlaceIQ. “This success applies to the near term in the form of accurate and measured in-store ROI from strategically delivered and creatively perfected media. By harnessing location-derived insights from this work, QuickChek in partnership with AboveNation Media has made a sound decision to support its business in the long term as well. Location data is now allowing QuickChek to understand the consumer journey from start to finish, which delivers strategic advantage about how to scale their business via new retail locations, to reach more customers. This is a prime example of using location data as a versatile horizontal business enabler.”

Eric Rush, Digital Marketing Manager, QuickChek stated “We’re always looking for a new way to connect our daily offers to customers that are out and about during their busy day. Quickchek has great tasting, high quality food and beverages at a great price and PlaceIQ allowed us to ensure an exact audience engaged with our brand every day.”

Steve Minichini, CEO, AboveNation Media added “Our agency is focused on providing our clients with tangible metrics for their media spend. PlaceIQ allowed AboveNation Media to connect the dots between an ad exposure and an in-store visit. Measuring audience movement and actual retail visitation has been a game changer in terms of ROAS.”

Lisa Samara, President / COO, Domus Inc. commented on the campaign successes adding, “PlaceIQ allows us to approach business strategy for Quickchek in a pragmatic, scientific way, giving us the confidence to recommend a close partnership with PlaceIQ that goes beyond simple media planning and buying.”

PlaceIQ helps leading retailers and their media agencies harness location data for audience insights to inform both media and business decisions. For more information, please visit:

About PlaceIQ

For brands seeking to understand consumer behavior, PlaceIQ connects physical and digital activities across time, space, and mobile devices to uncover opportunities to learn and connect with audiences. PlaceIQ is a powerful, location-based audience and insights platform that organizes a wide variety of consumer activity data around a targeted precise location base map at massive scale. PlaceIQ uses its detailed understanding of location and consumer activity to reach a targeted audience, and also to derive powerful insights about consumer behavior to inform market and business strategies for national brands. The company is headquartered in New York City and has offices in Palo Alto, Chicago, and Detroit. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter @PlaceIQ and like us on Facebook: PlaceIQ.

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