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Phototinis: The Millennial Trend That Could Be Picture Perfect for Marketers

iStock_000013534140XLargeEveryone is trying to capture the fickle and hard-to-please tastes of the Millennial drinker – an admittedly tricky demographic with a broad and diverse drink portfolio. Beer and spirits marketers need to shift their focus onto revolutionary marketing tactics that work harder to capture the hearts, minds, tastes – and now cameras – of Millennial drinkers, who are double-fisting at the bar, with one hand on their drink and the other on their smartphone.

Just take a look at the growing popularity of mobile apps such as BARTRENDEr and TrophyCocktail, which allow cocktail fans to snap photos of their drinks and share them with friends and family. Surely you’ve seen them: delicate shots of carefully styled chocolatinis; deck-side friends posing demurely with Malibu Bay Breezes; rooftop neighbors hoisting rum shots amid string-lit bulbs afore a beguiling city nightscape. It seems that no self-respecting “selfie” is complete without drink in hand.

Each picture is potentially an ad for your spirit – literally a testimonial to the good times and appeal your brand conveys.

So take a sip. Now is the time for smart marketers to leverage the power of social media and the trend of photo sharing to tell your brand’s story.


  •  A photo contest using a branded Facebook page or specially designed microsite
  • A virtual secret shopper that bestows sponsored cocktail parties for posted pics that prominently feature your brand
  • A cocktail recipe book featuring your customers’ posted pictures and recipes

It’s the mix that appeals to Millennials, spreads the story and promise of your brand’s lifestyle and helps you capture their thirst and Apple Pay thumbprints. What ideas come to your mind, given this delicious blend of cocktail photography and social sharing?


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Betty Tuppeny is the CEO and Founder of Domus, Inc.

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