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July 9, 2009
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July 10, 2009
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Microsoft Gaining on Yahoo reported today numbers from showing how Bing’s traffic has spiked, with Bing now passing Twitter, Digg, and CNN in terms of traffic. A number of sites have related posts, but there seems to be another story in the numbers.

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, Microsoft’s main competitor today is not Google, but Yahoo. Only after Microsoft can pass Yahoo can it challenge Google. So, what do Compete’s numbers tell us about this competition? First, note that Yahoo (unlike Google) is much more than a search engine; it is a portal with a busy home page contain news, search, email, weather, and more. Therefore, it really is more comparable to the sum of (or and than to any one individually.

So, how does it compare? Looking at the below chart from, the first thing that is apparent is that Microsoft has closed the gap with Yahoo since the beginning of the year. Next, if you add up and’s traffic compared to Yahoo’s, in the month of June they SIGNIFICANTLY closed the gap.

However, I’m not sure how Compete adds up its numbers for Microsoft. For example, redirects to but does not. Moreover, more closely competes with’s news and weather features. And searches on go to’s results page. Regardless, it’s interesting to see all of Microsoft’s sites.

Even ignoring’s traffic, the sum of plus significantly exceeds Yahoo’s traffic (with the above caveats noted).

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