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April 15, 2014
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Do Marketers Really Get Digital? Domus Does.

Domus Harris Poll

Ironically, the ad industry recently suggested that the word “digital” be retired since almost all marketing is touched by digital in some way.  But, it’s too soon . . . imagine our surprise when a quantitative study that Domus developed (and Harris Interactive implemented) revealed that 82% of marketers have some unmet need. The top unmet need is measurement and reporting to define a true ROI for spending, a critical part of all marketers’ jobs. While digital has grown significantly in terms of the marketing mix, 64% of marketers report their company as having “digital dysfunction,” defined as the inability to truly understand digital properties, how they interact together and ultimately how to maximize digital results. Another unmet need: 69% of marketers want outside help in developing new revenue streams to grow their business.

Here’s a link to today’s Wall Street Journal article, which delineates the highlights of the study.

2014 Domus Client Needs Poll

2014 Domus Client Needs Poll

The good news is that most companies have embraced the potential of digital. The bad news? Most of them are dysfunctional in how they are doing it. Whether it’s too many isolated digital programs that don’t connect to each other (or the strategy) … or varying levels of digital understanding and usage rates (with the naive pretending to know more than they do) … or simply a lack of proven methodology to link digital with actual sales (it might be working – no one is sure) – most companies have not tapped into their full digital potential.

But Domus Is Built for Digital Dominance!

By implementing a fully integrated digital strategy, Domus can effect an immediate and measurable improvement in marketing and communications results across all channels. Three core aspects of our fully integrated offering include:

  • Digital Comfort Zone
    • Domus evaluates marketing-related employees for their Digital IQ. Based upon the group and individuals’ results, Domus creates, implements and measures a “Digital Comfort Zone” training program.
  • Digital Integration
    • Domus will develop a proprietary system though evaluation of current activities/data, technological solutions, standard operating procedure development and measurement to integrate all digital branding activity.
  • Digital That Drives Dollars
    • By identifying the decision journey made by customers or consumers on their path to purchase, Domus will identify the key moments that drive revenue and develop powerful digital tactics that will increase sales.

Betty Tuppeny is the CEO and Founder of Domus, Inc., a marketing communications agency that is Built for Digital Dominance. For more information, visit For new business inquiries, please contact Betty directly at or 215-772-2805.

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