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June 11, 2009
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Internet Presence Management – Two Recent Observations

At Domus, we strongly encourage our clients to incorporate a strong internet presence management program – both in terms of depth and breadth – as part of their strategic marketing efforts. As such, we also try to stay attuned to what other companies are doing in this area. Two examples recently came to our attention.

Over the last few weeks, we had posted blog entries on two topics in two different industries — the auto industry (Ford, Chrysler, and GM) and the search engine industry (Does Bing Change Paid Search? and Bing, Yahoo, and Google, plus a couple of follow-ups.) In both cases, after posting the thoughts on this blog site, I participated in a number of industry-specific and topical news and blog sites over the next week, adding my comments and referencing our post. In the case of the auto industry, I even went on to the auto makers’ web sites and submitted comments (with link-backs) using their on-line forms.

The results? In the case of the auto industry, from the day the blog entry was posted through the next several weeks, there was not a single hit on our blog site from the entire state of Michigan (headquarters of both the UAW and the US auto makers). On the other hand, in the first three days of posts on the search engine industry, we got 4 hits from Sunnydale, California (Yahoo headquarters), 14 hits from Mountain View, California (Google headquarters), and 99 hits from Redmond, Washington (Microsoft headquarters).

This seems indicative of which industries are paying attention to the online community and which industries are not, doesn’t it?

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