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Internet Presence Management and Net Promoter

A few years ago Fred Reichfeld started the Net Promoter® movement with his book, The Ultimate Question. This book encourages business people to frame their business activities by asking one simple question about their customers, “How likely are they to recommend/promote me?” The Net Promoter movement has grown up around that with philosophies, strategies, and tactics to help companies maximize the number of their customer promoters while minimizing the number of detractors. It’s a pretty simple concept but with many implications for conducting business.

Today, with the acceleration of marketing efforts moving from traditional media to on-line and with the explosion of consumer social media participation, Net Promoter (NP) practitioners must incorporate new these technologies into their business strategies and tactics. Technology hasn’t changed the basic principles of NP – it’s just added more possible ways in which to apply the principles. (This is no different than any other aspect of marketing – advertising, public relations, etc. The classic principles still apply, but the possible applications of those principles have greatly expanded.)

A broad-based and proactive internet presence management program today is essential to any successful NP program, and the reason is simple. Given any two consumers – whether promoters or detractors – if one promotes or detracts online and the other doesn’t, the former’s voice is potentially heard by many more people. This consumer voice amplification is the driving imperative for all internet presence management programs.

Domus is a full service advertising, public relations, interactive, and social media marketing agency based in Philadelphia. We are big advocates of robust internet presence management programs for our clients, including integrating them into expanded net promoter practices. Please visit our web site for more information about us.

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