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December 30, 2010
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January 6, 2011
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2011 Projected Marketing Trends

Take a look at some of our predictions for the marketing world in 2011 and ways to help your business thrive in the coming year: Companies are becoming their own media, Brand to Customer: “You talkin’ to me?”, Reach me on my mobile, and Marketing = digital marketing.

Happy New Year from Domus!  Hopefully, you’re planning on a healthy and wealthy 2011.  And if not, that’s what the bubbly is for.  Take a look at some of our predictions for the marketing world in 2011 and ways to help your business thrive in the coming year:

Companies are becoming their own media

With social media sites, companies can report their own news articles, distribute their own white papers and conduct interviews with their own personnel to share with the public.  While a little guidance and finessing is necessary (that’s where the communications agency comes in) businesses themselves can supply valuable news and content on a daily basis.  The key is making sure your audience is aware and tuned into your efforts (again, an agency’s job) but once they are – get out there!  You may need to decide the best ways for your company to invest in social media efforts in 2011, (Do you have how-to videos already developed?  Create a YouTube channel.  Want to share industry news as it happens?  Set up a Twitter account.) but with the correct strategy, you can spread your message and take part in the conversation.

Brand to Customer: “You talkin’ to me?”

No.  The customers are talking to each other.  Never before has word-of-mouth marketing been so prevalent.  Social media users can post a question on anything – restaurants, computers, cell phones and fellow users will weigh in instantly.  It seems odd that people will trust the experiences of a total stranger over a reputable brand, but that’s the reality.  It’s up to the brand owner to remedy any negatives, promote all of the positives, and be actively engaged in social media to see what your customers and potential customers are saying to each other.

Reach me on my mobile

We’re not suggesting that you call your customers.  That would be time consuming.  And expensive.  What we are suggesting is that you invest in your company’s mobile friendly website.  What’s that?   You don’t have one?  WHAT?!  Domus Dish has stressed this many times – companies NEED to be mobile-friendly.  A mobile version of your website along with mobile applications will keep your business ahead of or, at the very least, in line with the competition in 2011.

Still on the fence about going mobile?  Check out some key mobile statistics here.

Marketing = Digital Marketing

By this point digital marketing and traditional marketing are one in the same.  One campaign cannot exist effectively without the other.  You need both.  Your customers want to see both.  And you want what your customers want, right?  Right.  Start small by checking out what your competition is doing on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  If they’re not doing anything (and the chances of that are SMALL) then you’re in luck.  If they are – use 2011 as the starting off point to your digital marketing campaign.  And make it aggressive.

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