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Why Hire a Women-Owned Business? Do It for Your Daughters. #BuyWomenOwned

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As a male or female procurement or business decision maker, your job is to serve the best interests of your company and its shareholders, and quality and value come first. So the three main reasons to include women-owned businesses in your consideration set are:

  • Attract First-Time Customers
    A recent Harvard study found that working with diverse suppliers (defined as African Americans, Alaska Native Americans, American Indians, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans and Women) drives market growth. Progressive companies, your key prospects, are attracted to companies that have a propensity to work with diverse partners, including women-owned businesses
  • Save on Taxes
    Federal and state government programs offer corporate tax reductions for hiring diverse suppliers, including women-owned businesses.
  • Count on High-Quality Output
    The owners of WBENC companies are highly motivated, well-educated, quality trained and will persevere to ensure they deliver quality at a superior value. You are guaranteed consistent deliverables from a pool of extremely competent business owners.

According to the latest WBENC stats, women are slightly more likely than men to start a business, however women-owned businesses generate only 8% (9.2 million) of private sector jobs and only 4.4% of total private sector revenue.  While that is great progress since 1972 – the first time the U.S. Census Bureau provided data on minority-owned and women-owned businesses, there is almost unlimited upside. So, whether you are a male or female business decision maker, it is in your business’s best interest to include a woman-owned business in your consideration set. Do it for your business . .  . and do it for your daughters. The goal is to get women-owned businesses to grow from 8% and $4.4% to 50%+ of total private sector jobs and revenue, respectively. #BuyWomanOwned; #DoItForYourDaughters. 

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