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May 10, 2010
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Reinforce Online Advertising with Google Remarketing

If you haven't at least begun to explore Google Remarketing, you're probably doing your brand a disservice.

Google recently released a new advertising feature called “Remarketing”. Basically, it allows you to create an AdWords campaign that targets people who’ve been to specific pages of your web site.

This opens up a whole new area of online marketing segmentation. Previously, you could target people who searched for your keywords or who visited other sites, but without knowing much more about them. Or you had to wait until they explicitly entered their email address for you to contact them directly. Now you can focus some of your effort on people who, by their own actions, have clearly indicated some interest in you specifically but haven’t yet given you direct contact.

Consider the possible conversion rate performance improvements by offering something special to previous visitors. It’s not quite the same as email marketing directly to people who have left you their email addresses, but it has the potential to be more than marketing blindly to everyone who meets a generic demographic.

If you haven’t at least begun to explore Google Remarketing, you’re probably doing your brand a disservice. Check it out at Google Remarketing.

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