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2009 was the year that traditional paper publishers went bankrupt and online local search got so big that turned down $500 million from Google. 2010 is the year for marketers to really work local search into their efforts.

2009 was the year that the local search business officially changed. First, the fortunes of the paper directory publishers dramatically nose-dived. Not only did all of their losses accelerate, but two of the largest Yellow Page publishers – Idearc and R.H. Donnelly – had to file for bankruptcy. Additionally, strong campaigns are afoot nationwide to scrap the automatic distribution of white pages phone books.

On the other hand, online local search providers have been growing and competing more fiercely. Aside from the online offerings of the traditional Yellow Pages providers (,, and aside from the local offerings of the major search providers (,,, a number of independent local search companies are making inroads. In fact, over this past weekend the buzz was that Google was in negotiations to buy for over $500 million. Moreover, as of this morning, the reports are that the owners of have turned down Google. Obviously, there is a lot of money to be made in doing local search right.

As marketers, therefore, it’s worth refocusing on local search as an integral component of overall marketing efforts. Even national retailers can make effective use of local search shopping sites, such as, to drive business to each of their locations. Some simple steps include getting and verifying listings in each of the local search sites, encouraging and addressing reviews on those sites, and including advertisements on them.

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