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June 25, 2009
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June 28, 2009
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Internet Presence Management and Social Media Marketing

At our agency, Domus, the term “Internet Presence Management” comes up a lot. We define it pretty broadly and allow for many new ideas to be incorporated into it. But basically, we work from the principle that although the online world has its own set of (millions of) minds and is not (and should be not be) controlled by marketers, there is a certain amount of conversation leading that effective and honest marketers can accomplish. Within the strict boundaries of honesty and openness, there is a lot that we can do.

Since we started our transition as an agency years ago to embrace and evolve internet presence management, the online world has changed dramatically. The biggest changes, in our minds, have been the explosion in usage of social sites, especially Facebook and Twitter.

As marketers focusing significant amounts of time on internet presence management, we’ve certainly needed to take note of these sites. But although in some ways they are significantly different than other social media sites, in many respects they are the same. They are sites where people hold or might hold online conversations; therefore, they are sites that can be used to offer conversations, to lead others, and to participate constructively in still others. The specific tactics used in Facebook and Twitter differ from each other and differ from the tactics used in other areas, but as long as the tactics line up with the sites’ characteristics and with the brands’ strategic goals, then they will be effective.

As an full service marketing communications agency, we’re pretty excited about how these media are evolving and how we are using them. Please visit our web site for more.

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