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June 30, 2009
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July 3, 2009
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Bing and Twitter – Not Much News for Marketers (Yet)

One big news story yesterday in the search world was that Bing started including prominent Twitter tweets in its search results. This might provide Bing an advantage in people’s minds over Google and Yahoo, which in turn might give it more market share, which in the end would affect marketers (suggesting reallocation of budgets). But in and of itself, it probably doesn’t change much in the short run from a marketer’s perspective. For search engine marketers, there are basically three categories of places where one can get exposure – in organic search ranking, in paid search listings, or as content in the sites that people go to when people click on a result (if not yours) from a search engine results page. Given that Twitter currently has no monetization formula, there isn’t much opportunity to get exposure on Twitter sites if people click to them; therefore, marketers’ paid search allocations should remain basically the same.

The one exception to this is if any of the current list of “dominant” Twitter sites can be encouraged to tweet about you or your product. However, this is still a relatively small segment of the marketing universe.

Although this is one small area relating to Twitter that might or might not offer possibilities, there are still other Twitter-related opportunities for marketers. As a full-service marketing communications agency, Domus integrates all new media and technologies, including Twitter, into its potential tactics when formulating campaigns for its clients. To find out more about us, please click on our web site.

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