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July 3, 2018
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Amazon Employee Voices Heat Up: Why Internal Two-Way Communication Is Critical

Employee engagement is an important win for all companies. Research abounds about the benefits of engaged employees, such as improved productivity, profitability, shareholder return and customer satisfaction. Two-way communication between employees and management/ownership is critical to building a results-oriented culture.

The Amazon employees’ open letter to Jeff Bezos and the Board is the latest example of the tech industry going public to pressure leadership into action. While Mr. Bezos has set the vision for Amazon to be “Earth’s most customer-centric company,” 6,000+ employees want him to know just how important Mother Earth is to them – and they want a shareholder resolution to support their stance. These two missions can integrate nicely to achieve both the business goal and the passion goal with strategic, consistent and measurable internal two-way communication.

There are strategic and process-oriented approaches both large and small companies can deploy that encourage two-way communication across multiple internal channels of communication. Intranet-based employee feedback platforms, interactive town halls with senior leadership, innovation-sharing online apps, and leader-led discussion guides along with established and proprietary technological solutions are some of the tools at companies’ disposal to engage employees.

Implementing a consistent employee engagement program tied to the corporation’s mission can unearth a groundswell among employees to contribute their unique talents to achieve the team’s business objectives. A strategic and process-oriented approach must encourage two-way communication and build a long-lasting framework for high-level communication.

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