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April 22, 2009
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May 5, 2009
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Your Marketing Staff Has Expanded

It now includes your customers

One of the biggest changes that the internet has brought about in impacting your brand is that your customers now have a meaningful say in
creating impressions in the marketplace. Consider that in a recent quantitative study by the Society for New Communications, 74% of buyers
reported that their decision to choose brands was based on user-generated content on the internet about experiences with those brands.
Branding is no longer a one-way street. In order to manage a brand’s image, marketers need to monitor their presence on the internet and
engage with their customers.

The power of the internet is the real-time feedback marketers receive on the brand. But this power is lost (or even detrimental) if
marketers are unaware of their brands’ presence online or if they take no action to defend or build their brands accordingly. Many marketers are
overwhelmed by the daunting task of monitoring and building their brands online; however, a systematized approach built on traditional customer
servicing best practices will reap a tremendous return on investment in repeat purchases as well as brand referrals.

The internet may be the newest way to brand, but it is based on the oldest and most effective form of advertising, word of mouth.

At Domus, a full-service Philadelphia advertising agency,
we help our clients manage their internet presence using a combination of integrated strategies that together we call our “C.O.R.E.” approach.
Visit our web site and then contact us if you would like to find out more.

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