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August 7, 2009
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State Lottery Winner Awareness

Brand presence management is a vital service helping organizations manage how their brand is perceived in the digital space. This includes actively monitoring blogs, news, and other social communities for any communication that could present an opportunity or threat.

In the lottery industry, negative perceptions have always surrounded jackpot winners. Research has shown that a significant number of lottery winners lose their winnings within five years, a fact that appeals to the media and casts a negative light on lotteries in general. Little has been done to reshape the positive appeal of winner awareness; however internet presence management can easily turn adversaries into advocates. With a shift in focus to online news, blogs and social networks, there is an opportunity to transform how people view lotteries and shed positive light over winner awareness.

It’s common for state lotteries to list big winners on their websites, but little follow-up is done. An active internet presence management campaign would be ideal to help raise winner awareness, which will help drive sales. By utilizing social networks and industry blogs, lotteries can promote the success stories and philanthropy work that is attributed to lottery winners. Likewise, negative connotations can be countered through active blog monitoring and participation.

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