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April 14, 2009
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April 22, 2009
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Keep your Clients’ Business

by “Being the Client”

A few years back, I had the distinct pleasure of actually being the client as VP of Marketing for a flooring manufacturer. During that time, my philosophy completely changed with regard to “client service.” After a good ten years of training on the agency side, I felt like I knew the client perspective pretty well and this was going to be an easy transition. Yeah…no. The pressures, the priorities, the issues were all very different than the way I felt them on the agency side. I found myself in meetings where my agency would present something that I would reject. On their face I saw “she does not get it” and in my heart I felt “they do not know the whole story.”

A big part of our philosophy at Domus is the notion of “be the client.” Most of our senior managers have been clients or are trained to think like clients. That does not mean we do not provide an outside objective opinion or be incredibly creative—that’s the job we are hired to do. But it does mean that we should think beyond the task at hand or the role we play and really understand the business and the day-to-day pressures around marketing a brand in this environment. This philosophy is as simple as asking ourselves, “Would I do this if I were making all of the final decisions?” (Well – maybe a simple question and a really well thought out strategic planning process.)

As a full-service advertising, PR, and internet marketing agency, we have maintained client relationships that long defy the industry average for the account lifecycle. We believe it is because we take this job as seriously as our clients do.

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