• 360 marketing campaign integration
  • Audience evaluation 
  • Campaign-specific strategy development
  • Competitor analysis
  • Creative brief development
  • Crisis communications plan
  • KPI development and tracking
  • Platform analysis

Influencer Marketing

  • Audience evaluation
  • Creative brief development
  • Influencer activations
  • Influencer strategy and campaign development
  • KPI development
  • Legal coordination
  • Long-term brand/influencer relationships 
  • Micro influencer campaigns

Community Building/Social Media Loyalty Programs

  • Community engagement through strategic messaging
  • CRM system for monitoring and evaluating    
  • Implementation of a robust brand ambassador program 
  • KPI development and tracking
  • Planned events and activations for engagement
  • Strategy development for growth and loyalty 

Paid Social Advertisements

  • Ad creative development
  • Advanced targeting capabilities
  • Media strategy and planning
  • Monitoring and optimizing of targeting, creative and budget
  • Ongoing reporting and KPI tracking

Content Marketing

  • Ad development for all major platforms
  • Copy development
  • Creative asset development
  • Graphic design and video shooting
  • Trade show/event support

Platform Management

  • Live customer service and tech support
  • Ongoing community management and customer engagement
  • Real-time monitoring of trends


  • Cross-channel analysis
  • Industry metrics and benchmark comparison
  • KPI development and tracking
  • Metrics by platform

Social Listening

  • Audience breakdown
  • Industry trends
  • Keywork analysis and volume
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Trends monitoring

Monitoring and evaluation what?