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    Pennsylvania Commission for Women: “Shocking Pink” Campaign, A Case Study in Advocacy for Women’s Health and Well-being

    The Pennsylvania Commission for Women (PCW) is responsible for advising the governor on policies and legislation that impact women and girls in the Commonwealth,

    As part of its advocacy for women’s health and well-being, PCW had a critical need to heighten awareness and create change for the six leading dangers and challenges facing women in the Pennsylvania. These issues included rape, domestic violence, heart disease, breast cancer, unequal pay and osteoporosis.

    Domus implemented an impactful communications campaign that combined powerful strategic thinking and breakthrough creative with a passion for the mission and services of the commission.

    Utilizing the six most startling statistics, Domus created the “Shocking Pink” campaign to promote each issue that needed to improve for women in Pennsylvania. The campaign was built around the tagline “Change It,” which was designed to challenge women to not only become aware of the issues, but also act to better the situation.


    Public relations was also a key component, and the campaign received positive coverage in numerous news segments such as NBC’s “Moms on the Move” and Comcast Newsmakers.

    In the commission’s capacity of advising the governor, the campaign achieved awareness and influenced change among the top elected official in the state as well as other policy makers by bringing to light the shocking statistics of the key issues affecting women and girls in Pennsylvania.

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