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    SMIRNOFF: Strategic Marketing Agency Distills Innovative Vodka Offerings for Smirnoff

    As competitive vodka offerings were exploding in the market, Diageo, one of the world’s largest producers of spirits and beers, turned to Domus for marketing support. As their brand advocacy agency, Domus had to step up and innovate both product extensions for core brands Smirnoff, Ketel One and Cîroc, and introduce “new-to-world” vodkas in breakneck time. And what better way to convert your consumers into advocates for your brand than to make them partners in creating innovative products with you? 

    Our zero-based innovation system is a process that evaluates existing IP/patents and listens to the stakeholders, competition and industry best practices. Domus partnered with scientists on what had worked and on new technologies. We evaluated existing insights, formed the customized team and facilitated a think-tank session. Domus created a master scorecard with the following: sensorial payoff, rational and emotional benefits, key value drivers, and consumer motivators. 

    Domus developed concepts and research stimulus for: Smoked, Insight, Elixir, Source, Kokovo, Juiced, Harmony, Mood, Railcar and Spa vodkas. Winning concepts were introduced to multiple demographics, distributors, restaurants/bars and liquor stores. Two core brand line extensions and one new-to-world vodka launched globally.

    When you’re in the need for innovative ideas, let Domus help you uncover your next inspiration. Contact our CEO