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    MERCK: Corporate Culture Programs Make a Difference

    For global biopharmaceutical leader Merck, translating its newly launched external brand positioning into a meaningful employee narrative was essential to engage employees during a time of critical transformation.

    Through extensive research and analysis, Domus’ employee engagement strategists identified one common thread among employees around the world: their inherent desire to do work that makes a difference. Domus created messaging and visuals that resonated deeply with employees, encouraging them to rally around the company’s purpose, and work hard to make a difference for the company’s stakeholders.

    Domus leveraged the company’s multiple channels of internal communication to reach Merck employees all over the world with messaging, creative assets, video content and other materials that positioned the company’s workforce as day-to-day heroes. The materials also conveyed what it feels like to work for a company with such a meaningful purpose.

    It’s not always easy to engage staff located all over the world—but it’s possible with the right employee engagement agency partner. Contact our CEO