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    Merck: 125 years to celebrate, give back and engage

    Merck, in celebration of its 125th anniversary—and in recognition of its ongoing mission to save and improve lives—set a goal for its 70,000 global employees to log 125,000 volunteer hours for charitable causes over the course of its milestone year.

    Domus developed a series of messages, visuals and engagement platforms to engender employee participation with this “125K Challenge” among Merck staff across its internal communications channels. Ultimately, Merck exceeded its goal by more than 25,000 hours.

    By connecting employees to the company narrative and celebrating a 125-year commitment to invention through self-generated content, employees were given a hands-on way to express their connection to Merck’s historic moment.

    The campaign achieved its success in large measure due to the employee communications infrastructure established prior to the 125th-anniversary initiative. The Merck and Domus partnership established an employee communications infrastructure, improved internal communications processes and technology and deepened the understanding of employees’ needs, desires and motivators, all while supporting day-to-day internal communications.

    “We were so pleased with the amount of time that the Merck global staff dedicated to volunteering in celebration of our 125th anniversary. Domus was able to develop a campaign that got people to not only give up their time to help others, but also to share their stories on our internal communications channels, creating an even stronger internal community,” said Scott Wright, executive director at Merck.

    Employee engagement can benefit more than just an internal audience. Partner with us, and we’ll help to create a plan of action for your team that can go beyond the corporate conversation. Give us a call.