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    LUTRON: Built for Home Furnishings; Built for Savings

    While Lutron is a well-respected name among experts, the brand had virtually zero brand recognition among consumer audiences. Its primary product—dimmers—might best be compared to a widget, in terms of media appeal. However, dimmers have the power to transform the appearance and atmosphere of any room. The question Domus needed to answer: How could we get the media to “see the light”?

    Our public relations campaign consisted of “the usual suspects”—but it was executed unusually well by a team that was handpicked to deliver results. Lutron had no room for waste, so it was essential that Domus build a team and campaign that achieved our client’s objective as quickly and cost effectively as possible. After only one year, Domus exceeded our established goals by 35% and delivered coverage valued at over $2,000,000, with an ROI of 733%—that is far from dim!

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