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    HOPEWELL THEATER: Digital Strategy Agency Shines a Spotlight on SEO To Drive Ticket Sales

    Hopewell Theater, a regional cultural arts venue, wanted to maximize its brand visibility and awareness through search engines, with the intent to increase organic traffic to their site and drive ticket sales by attracting a diverse audience of new and repeat visitors.

    Domus, a digital strategy agency, executed on-page and off-page SEO for Hopewell Theater. Our content marketing and development teams optimized their site’s key pages to target branded and non-branded keywords, made specific technical improvements to their website, laid out a content strategy and consistently optimized their backlink profile to establish the Hopewell Theater as an eclectic, regional entertainment destination.

    Organic traffic from Google drove the most ticket sales for the client, and organic traffic is the second highest source of traffic to the site, resulting in the website having a strong domain authority.

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