July 5, 2017
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Tarkett: One Culture, Four Countries, Six Months

Following a series of international acquisitions, Domco (now Tarkett), a leading international flooring manufacturer, needed to reshape the corporation’s organizational culture.

In six months, Domus researched and developed a cultural identity that resonated with the international employee base, revived staff engagement and renewed employees’ enthusiasm for the company’s mission.

Through a company-wide research study, Domus leveraged the findings to inform an internal rallying cry: “Making It Better.” The motivating concept was implemented across all programs and was even repurposed a year later when Domco merged with another leader in the sector.

“At the time we worked with Domus, our company was going through a complicated transitional period, and we needed a partner who understood those changes. Domus provided consistent support, strategic counsel and resourcefulness—ultimately exceeding our expectations by aligning employees behind our business strategy,” said Dave Cicchinelli, president and chief operating officer at Domco.

Getting concept buy-in from all members of a global and diverse workforce is a tough task, but that doesn’t scare Domus. Whether you’re developing or realigning your brand, determining your creative identity or looking for an employee communications campaign, we have the expertise and tenacity to take it across the finish line. Drop us a line.

Author: Kim Cox