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    CHEVRON: Domus Promotes Chevron as a Thought Leader in Oil Industry-Safety

    As a federal Women Business Enterprise (WBE), Domus was chosen to work with Chevron on their national WBE event to build their thought leadership position in the oil industry, with a Safety Superiority platform. Chevron was about to launch their global Human Energy campaign as it implemented an organizational transformation which would result in a 20% workforce reduction. Our micro assignment went global: It expanded to include an employee retention objective, as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold of the world in spring 2020. Domus successfully worked in concert with Chevron management, corporate and rig managers globally to deliver a compelling message via video at a critical time for the Chevron employees, the oil industry and the world. The video was a lifeline for the employees as it was the first pandemic communications they received, it helped to launch Chevron’s Human Energy campaign and it was the most watched video with the highest online responses in their history.

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