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    BUTTERBALL: Full-Service Advertising Agency Boosts Awareness by 10% While Tripling Sales—No Fowl Play Here

    Butterball, a leader in poultry products, was ready to differentiate its brand in a saturated marketplace. How? By not only providing customers with the freshest products but also proving it.

    Domus, a full-service advertising agency, worked with Butterball, then a part of Conagra Brands, to create Fresh Trace, an on-package visual identity and fully integrated marketing campaign, resulting in the first product in its category to feature an on-package guarantee of freshness.

    Domus created new packaging concepts, television and radio promotions, local events, and cooking demonstrations. The Fresh Trace campaign increased awareness of Butterball Chicken by 10% and tripled annual sales—from 40 million to 120 million pounds.

    “Domus created an innovative campaign that helped us increase consumer trust and tripled our sales, securing an exponential return on investment (ROI) on the campaign,” said Steve Berman at Butterball.

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