It's not us, it's YOU.

We know what you want because Domus was Built for You. Powered by an ultra-flexible business model, we have 25 years’ experience delivering what you need in this ever-changing business environment. We have everything a global conglomerate agency provides, with the quick-to-market capabilities and efficiency of an entrepreneur. Smart questions that lead to smart answers. Big strategy and even bigger ideas. Employee communications programs that increase your business. Digital as a way of business. Transparency. Value. Unlimited resources. Best practices. World-class services with a small-agency attitude.

The Crew.

Meet Team Domus, the people who will Run Through Walls to get you what you need: build your business; nail your KPIs; maximize your return on investment; respond to everything you need; solve your problems; deliver value to you. No matter what we do, we ask ourselves how it will you.

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Elizabeth K.

Chief Executive| Founder Officer

Betty is a visionary, a fierce competitor and above all, a firm believer that great campaigns must always deliver outstanding return on investment (ROI). Growing up in the industry working on brands like Verizon, ConAgra Brands and Ritz-Carlton, Betty loved the creativity and strategy involved in marketing communications. But she always felt something was missing. The sharp businesswomen in her started Domus. As founder and CEO of Domus, Betty built a different type of agency—an agency where resources and teams are customized for each account to meet a client’s exact needs. Betty grew up as the daughter of a coach, and the bumper sticker on the family care always read: “Winning isn’t Everything, It’s the Only Thing.” Whether it was pitching a softball or pitching an account, Betty was taught to win. Her unrelenting desire to win leads Domus to achieve incredible results for clients. Infectiously passionate and incomparably bright, Betty emanates possibilities everywhere she goes, whether it’s as an astute seer of new market opportunities or as a trailblazer for women’s empowerment. She can zero in, like a laser, on the market opening where her clients can be first in the market or dramatically differentiated to expand sales and profits. Her vision is uncanny. Her heart is big. Betty will do whatever it takes to help her clients win, and has re-invented the advertising industry model to do so.


Lisa M.

Owner | President and Chief Operating Officer

As a fearless leader, Lisa is a strategic ninja who stops at nothing to ensure that every single account is empowered and prepared to knock clients’ expectations out of the park with the best solutions and resources. Lisa has flexed her strategic muscles while working on behemoth businesses like Procter & Gamble, Merck, ConAgra and Mattel. She leads the agency in solving problems and capitalizing on opportunities without ever breaking a sweat. Lisa’s unrelenting desire to achieve incredible results for her clients is where Domus’ trademark Run Through Walls servicing mantra was born. It’s no wonder that Lisa is the first person clients call when they need big help quickly.Providing strategic oversight for all Domus’ accounts, Lisa makes it her personal mission to see the big picture in her clients’ businesses and guide the account teams toward creative solutions that solve problems in inventive ways. When Lisa’s not acting as a superwoman on client business, she is directing Domus’ operations for peak performance. Challenges invigorate Lisa—whether it’s managing an urgent crisis for her client, navigating sensitive employee communications campaigns, defeating limiting stereotypes for women and girls, mastering ambitious recipes in her kitchen or conquering a grueling boxing class in the gym, she is all-in. Lisa is unbelievably resourceful, tough and a straight shooter—qualities she honed while balancing single motherhood and a demanding career. No matter how you cut it, this woman means business.


Aaron D.

Account Director

Aaron is an expert account manager, cross-trained in every possible communications discipline, from digital solutions to traditional executions, in order to deliver project consistency and continuity from inception to completion. Aaron dives into the trenches of his clients’ businesses in order to know their businesses as well as they do. Whether he’s working on brands like AIG and Dacor or OKI and Verizon, Aaron tackles every challenge with enormous zest and urgency. Aaron has never met a challenge he didn’t love. Whether he’s skiing down the face of a mountain, surfing the crest of a wave, mountain biking in rugged terrain or tackling his clients’ thorniest and most critical issues, Aaron thrives when the stakes are high. This is probably why clients want to work with Aaron over and over again. Well, that and the fact that he is so darn likeable.



VP/Account Director

If you want to get big things done, call Beverly. A classically-trained account manager and employee engagement strategist, Beverly has worked her magic with some of the greatest brands in the business—ranging from Merck, Advil and Campbell’s Soup Company to Sony, Fisher-Price (Mattel) and Verizon. Beverly is an account management machine, making things happen that others would think impossible. Seamlessly integrating traditional and digital solutions, she is driven by a core belief in the possible and sees paths forward when others see obstacles. A mother of three children under 10, Beverly is a master multitasker and efficiency enthusiast. This passion for making things happen is matched only by her talents as a marketing maven and employee engagement Sherpa and her obsession with keeping campaigns on strategy, on time and on budget.



Assistant Account Manager

Brooke supports in the day-to-day management of our accounts to ensure clients’ needs are met efficiently and effectively. Brooke has worked with some impressive brands including: VTech; Red Robin; Newman’s Own; Arnold Bread and Egg-Land’s Best—and she’s just getting started. Endless energy and enthusiasm define Brooke. We have never seen her tire, which is a good thing since she has a hand in driving all of our social media and PR projects to flawless completion. A real go-getter, Brooke craves hard work, especially when it allows her to fully immerse herself in the latest trends and insights in digital and social media. When she’s not running circles around us in the office, Brooke, a fitness guru, can be found running circles around people at the gym, the park or pretty much anywhere that lets her.



Account Director

Clients like Merck, DuPont, Diageo and Lutron can all agree on one thing when it comes to Ed: he truly cares about pleasing his clients. A proven account manager who is well versed in all marketing communications disciplines, Ed brings a level of care to his work that is unmatched in the industry. Ed delivers on the big thigs like creating new product launch standards for Diageo’s 3,000+ brands, and the pinpointed projects like governing the US test market for a London-based online home service business. Always purposeful, insightful and genuine, Ed delivers on-point direction with unassuming charm. But don’t let his reserved nature fool you. Ed is a maniac when it comes to conquering his clients’ goals, stopping at virtually nothing to deliver the best-possible work with the highest client satisfaction.The only three things Ed loves more than making his clients happy are listening to music, exercising and spending time with his family.


Joanne C.

Executive Vice President

With a diverse range of client experience that includes brands such as Turner Broadcasting, Wendy’s Old-Fashioned Hamburgers, and Scott Paper, Joanne’s communications leadership knows no boundaries. Over the course of her storied career, Joanne has managed it all—from multimillion-dollar traditional advertising campaigns to scrappy, nimble digital programs—and knows how to pull all the right communications elements together to reach her clients’ goals. Fluid in digital, Joanne brings a mix of classic packaged goods discipline mixed with state-of-the art digital solutions to grow her clients’ businesses. When Joanne is leading an account, she makes it her personal mission to deliver success, no matter what. Her tireless energy, razor-sharp focus and unrelenting need to make use of every moment drives Joanne to accomplish more for her clients in one hour than most people do in an entire day. She’s that good. When Joanne’s not running around for her clients, you can find her running to far-away places to experience new cultures and create lifetime memories. And, Joanne has a heart of gold, donating much her time to cause which help people lead better lives.



Account Manager Social Media

Katie is what we call “the science side of social media.” When most people think about social media, they think about the fun parts—the content, aka “the art.” But it’s the science of social media that separates good social media campaigns from great ones, and that’s where Katie shines. With experience in social media programs for Dow Chemical, Lutron Electronics and Robern, Katie is deeply analytical, sharp and always on top of the latest technology trends. Her ability to understand and interpret data is remarkable, and her strategic counsel is both insightful and always on point. An avid fan of lacrosse—which she says is the fastest game on two feet—Katie craves constant movement in her life as well as in her work. It’s no wonder she and social media hit it off from the start. Always changing at breakneck speed, social media captivates Katie in a way that few other things can. She is obsessed with discovering new ways to tap into the power of social media for her clients and help them build an engaged community of brand advocates.



Senior Account Manager

If you’re looking to develop a powerful point of view in your market, look no further than Kim, as she is a public relations and thought leadership whiz. She has the uncanny ability to carve out meaningful positions for clients like Lutron, FMC Corporation, The Philadelphia Orchestra and GTT Communications in their respective industries. She’s a master at taking a relatively unknown product or company and inserting it thoughtfully into the online conversation to gain mindshare, publicity and business results. Kim is a master at traditional unpaid product and brand placements as well. Insatiably curious and astutely articulate, Kim finds it impossible to encounter new people or places without wanting to learn more. It’s just her thing, and we are enchanted by it. She is a treasure trove of perspective, which helps her communicate nuance and connect with people’s cores unlike anyone we’ve met. Her deep-rooted respect for words, combined with her thoughtful, methodical and inventive approach engenders trust among clients and publics alike. Kim appreciates a catchy pop song, detests the improper citation of idioms and spends much of her time with her dog, Penny, by her side.


Larry M.

Executive Vice President

Larry is a seasoned employee communicator and engagement guru, leading Domus’ employee engagement practice. Pulling from extensive communications experience with marquee brands such as Procter & Gamble, Comcast, Merck, Dow Jones and Merrill Lynch, Larry knows how to tap into people’s inner passions and parlay them into dramatic possibilities for his clients. He believes the greatest way for a company to go from good to great is by galvanizing its greatest asset: its people. Larry should know, having led a team at a major technology company (and Domus client!) to successfully gain market share against industry giants and having been a digital entrepreneur, helping a steady roster of clients navigate the transition to the digital world. Insightful, strategic and inspiring, Larry is a captivating storyteller telling the Domus clients’ best branding stories. Larry is a true emotions-stirrer at his core, and his clients love him for it. And, he hones the lighter side of his storytelling talents as an actor and cartoonist when off the clock. Bonus: he’s a blast at a party!


Lynda J.

Financial & Operational Director

There’s a reason why Domus people can focus 100% on our clients, and that’s Lynda. You may never see her, but she’s always there making sure Domus operates smoothly, giving us the state-of-the-art electronic infrastructure, insights and financial data to help us adapt to our clients’ ever-changing needs. She works relentlessly to achieve total accuracy in every transaction and builds her financial process around each client’s specific needs—even if that means dozens of customized formats. Technology is her friend and she uses it flawlessly to serve the clients and the agency.It’s a demanding and exhausting responsibility that Lynda never takes lightly. Fortunately, she always saves a little energy at the end of each day to run, unwind, enjoy nature and reflect, so she can get back to being our financial and operational superhero the next day.



Senior Account Manager

As one of the original Domus employees, Missy was always a force to be reckoned with due to her resourcefulness and sheer tenacity in thrilling clients such as: Aramark; Comcast; Novo Nordisk and Santafiora. With post-Domus career stints in Chicago and Vancouver, she gained invaluable experience working on high-profile brands such as Dell and Time Warner Cable. Missy is a consummate networker, never having met a prospect or client who didn’t love her. Today, we (and our clients) are very fortunate that she’s back at Domus driving to exceed client expectations again on the Merck account. Missy is a “roll up your sleeves” type of communications professional, working closely with her clients as a strategic partner while also keeping a watchful eye on the bottom line. She’s always thinking about your business and planning for what’s next so you don’t have to. Her can-do approach to business parlays into all facets of life— as a busy mother of two, she’s still not afraid to take on any size DIY project, and she has the custom bookcases and renovated bathroom to prove it!



Account Manager

Sara is a classically-trained PR and media relations wizard with experience with such brands as Robern, Kimpton Hotels, Lutron, Taste of the Nation and the Four Seasons. She can take any story and find a way to give it legs online, as well as in print, television, radio for her clients. Sara is often the face for many of her clients on social media. Her passion for strategic writing and community management shines through in her ability to develop creative and relevant content for her clients, assuring they are positioned as a forefront in their respected field. She’s never afraid to get her hands dirty, whether it’s helping her clients gain maximum exposure through social media and media pitching or trying her hand at some DIY projects in her new house in Philadelphia. She always sees possibility in every situation, which makes working with her a breeze.Sometimes her optimistic perspective may border on the unrealistic, particularly when she talks about the Phillies becoming world champions again in the near future. We hope she’s right, but fear she’s aspirational.



Senior Manager Graphic Design

On the surface, Sean is a seasoned graphic and web designer who prides himself on delivering pixel-perfect design. Behind the scenes, he is Domus’ quality control maniac and gatekeeper who ensures we do right by our clients and their brands. To Sean, graphic and web design is serious business; it’s the face of a brand. For that reason, he is a stickler for the details in every piece of creative that he delivers to ensure breakthrough awareness generated via a stellar user experience. Whether he’s working on high-profile print or digital campaigns, developing a complex website or just responding to a simple request to beautify an image, Sean prides himself on quintessential quality without compromise. His passion for precision extends beyond the office walls, where Sean builds his own PCs at home and offers free advice to friends, family and colleagues on all things technology.



Senior Account Manager

If you need any kind of employee communication project done efficiently and effectively, call Tina. A machine of an account manager with a passion for employee engagement, Tina can handle any challenge you throw her way without ever breaking a sweat. Having worked on the Merck, Comcast and OKI Data accounts, Tina sees herself as not only an extension of her clients’ businesses, but also a part of them, providing digital and traditional solutions that surprise, delight and work. Her clients’ success is her success, which is why Tina’s so … in a word … successful. She jumps right into the trenches of her clients’ organizations to understand the employee experience from their points of view. Then Tina finds a way to evolve, enable and expand that experience to greater and more meaningful heights to drive business and further the brand promise. When Tina is not immersing herself in her clients’ businesses, she is immersing herself in the Philadelphia restaurant and social scene, soaking up every moment of city life.



Account Manager

Jennifer is an over-achiever, which is why her former clients – from Crocs and Tory Burch to Friendly’s – rave about her successes. Her ability to simply get stuff done cannot be understated, and it’s why she’s a perfect fit for Domus. Jennifer’s goal-oriented approach works flawlessly because she’s able to develop meaningful relationships with her clients. She efficiently gains an insider perspective – and then executes strategies to perfection, allowing her to meet and exceed expectations. Jennifer is an avid traveler who loves to explore unfamiliar places and try new things. Her adventurous attitude gets her excited to take on new challenges and develop inventive strategies that always go the distance.